Henry IV Lady Percy, Bardolph Match:Lit Theatre, BARDCore Reading/dir. Andy Ingalls
Much Ado About Nothing Beatrice Match:Lit Theatre, BARDCore Reading/dir. Anaïs Koivisto
Life is But a Dream Princess Estella Spicy Witch Productions/dir. Anaïs Koivisto
Moll Flanders                                                  Lady/Tutress/others                         Pacific Repertory Theatre/dir. Kenneth Kelleher
Romeo & Juliet                                              Lady Capulet/Tybalt (u/s)       SF Shakespeare Festival/dir. Rebecca Ennals
Vanya & Sonia & Masha & Spike              Nina                                    Pacific Repertory Theatre/dir. Kenneth Kelleher
The Servant of Two Masters                     Smeraldina                                  Pacific Repertory Theatre/dir. Kenneth Kelleher
The Winter’s Tale                                          Mamillius/Time/Perdita         Pacific Repertory Theatre/dir. Kenneth Kelleher
Pygmalion                                                       Eliza Doolittle**                      Pear Avenue Theatre/dir. Michael Champlin
Smash                                                          Henrietta*                              Dragon Productions Theatre/dir. Vickie Rozell
Some Girl(s)                                                   Sam                                     Dragon Productions Theatre/dir. Jeffrey Lo
The Heiress                                                    Marian Almond                      Palo Alto Players/dir. Dennis Lickteig
A Midsummer Night’s Dream                   Hermia                                 Pacific Repertory Theatre/dir. Stephen Moorer
The Imaginary Invalid                                 Angelique                              Pacific Repertory Theatre/dir. Kenneth Kelleher
Almost Happy                                                Naomi                                  Dragon Productions Theatre/dir. Cara Phipps
Les Liaisons Dengereuses                         Cécile Volanges                     Dragon Productions Theatre/dir. Jeffrey Bracco
Robot Hand                                                    Brenda Fuller                         Bigger Than A Breadbox Theatre/dir. Ariel Craft
There Goes the Bride                                 Judy Westerby                       Sierra Repertory Theatre/dir. Dennis Jones
Aliens With Extraordinary Skills               INS Agent                            B Street Theatre/dir. Buck Busfield
Sister Cities                                                   Baltimore                             Dragon Productions Theatre/dir. Dale Albright
Candida                                                         Proserpine Garnett (u/s)        CalShakes/dir. Jonathan Moscone
A Midsummer Night’s Dream                   Helena                                 Woman’s Will/dir. Victoria Erville
The Servant of Two Masters                     Beatrice                               Calaveras Repertory Theatre/dir. John Ribovich
The Water Station (Mizu no Eki)              Woman with Parasol             Pacific Perf Project/east/dir. Steven Pearson
Our Country’s Good                                     Liz Morden                           Theatre South Carolina/dir. Amy Boyce Holtcamp
The Seagull                                                    Nina                                    Center for Perf Experiment/dir. Steven Pearson
The Winter’s Tale                                           Perdita                                Theatre South Carolina/dir. Kathleen F. Conlin
The Arabian Nights                                       Sympathy the Learned           Theatre South Carolina/dir. Amy Boyce Holtcamp
Radium Girls                                                   Grace                                  Theatre South Carolina/ dir. Shanga Parker
Mother Courage & Her Children               Yvette                                 Theatre South Carolina/dir. Steven Pearson

*TBA Award Nomination
**BATCC Award Nomination


Voice of the Hatchimals by SpinMaster and Narwhal Fingerling by Wowwee
Voice of Tiger, Hippo, and Parrot for LeapFrog’s “Learning Friends” toy series, apps, and games;
Narrator of “Disney Frozen: Special Delivery” for LeapTV; 
Toys: Over a dozen voice overs for Shoot The Moon and Creativity! Noise For Toys; 
Games: The Amazing Alpha-Matic (Notch & Nelly), Assault Android Cactus (Starch), Force of Elements (Ki); MasterSwords (Various)
Regional Radio/TV: NorCal Honda Dealers, Challenge Butter, United Way of Central Indiana


The Wedding Mary Magdalene (Supporting) Dances With Light Films/dir. Barry Stone
Ice Block Love                                                Ice Block Goddess (Lead)      Costanza Productions/dir. Bob Saenz
Dirty Silverware                                            Maggie (Supporting)              MadMonkey Productions/dir. Steve Daniels
Mo’ Money, No Problems                           Diane (Supporting)                 Dust of the Ground Films/dir. Austin Grebenc
Counterattack                                                MJ Malick (Lead)                  SFSU Cinema/dir. Eirini Steirou
Valentine’s Day                                              Veronica (Lead)                     A&I Pictures/dir. James Breen
Voyeur The Intern (Supporting) Pearl Pictures/dir. John Vasicek

Conflicts available upon request.